The giant baby was born in Australian family:How the parents reacted

Nicolina Newcomb from New Zealand has become the mother of one of the largest babies in the entire country. Incredibly, neither the mother nor the father of Tobias (as the son was named) are neither tall nor heavy. Tobias weighed 13 pounds – almost 6 kilograms, like two average newborns or a three-month-old baby.

At the same time, the first daughter of Nikolina was born with a weight of 1.9 kilograms. The woman thought that the second child would repeat the “fate” of her older sister, but life decided otherwise. Nikolina never had an ultrasound scan during pregnancy, and therefore did not know what gender the child would be, nor its approximate size.

If the doctors had known in advance what the baby would be like, they would have done a planned cesarean section. She was very lucky that she was able to give birth to a baby naturally without complications. Nikolina noted that giving birth was relatively easy.

She thanked the midwives who calmed and morally supported the woman in labor until the very birth of her son. Nothing that was bought by future parents in advance suited the boy, who was named Tobias.

Happy daddy and mommy had to buy all the clothes again, and donate small things to the orphanage! Let’s wish Tobias health, and his mommy patience and strength. In order to carry such a hero in her arms, she will definitely need them!

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