The girl with the biggest lips in the world enlarged them for the 27th time and showed the result

Many go over the line in their quest for beauty and to get closer to the ideal. Probably the most well-known illustration is Live Ken. Andrea Ivanova, a Bulgarian beauty, however, is motivated to surpass this well-known abnormality.

It all began not too long ago when Ivanova, then 20 years old, decided she wanted to resemble Barbie. For some reason, she started with her lips rather than her breast or waist.

The young woman, who is now 24 years old, has undergone numerous cosmetic procedures. However, Andrea asserts that her lips are still her greatest asset. Although she hasn’t yet entered the record books formally, she is regarded as having the largest lips in the world. She recently received her 27th filler injection to enlarge them. It was, in Andrea’s own words, a Christmas present to herself.

Ivanova displayed the outcome to her followers once the puffiness from the injections started to lessen. True, it looks dreadful even without the swelling.

Andrea is not embarrassed by the physicians’ concerns that she might have a mouth rupture during another procedure. Her next one is already planned.

The resident of the Bulgarian capital has already undergone facial contouring, chin implants, and breast augmentation in addition to lip augmentation. They are currently up to size 75E, but she intends to have bigger implants soon to replace the current ones.

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