16-year-old tennis star’s ‘creepy’ celebration with father causes outrage at US Open

‘It’s beyond inappropriate’
The Grand Slam debut of a young tennis player at the 2022 US Open is being tarnished by vulgar social media discussion.

Sara Bejlek, a 16-year-old Czech athlete, gained headlines after a photo of her with her dad and coach went viral following a qualifying match triumph.

TheBoiledEgg/ Twitter
Following her victory over Heather Watson of the United Kingdom on Friday, the Twitter verse went insane over footage of Bejlek celebrating with her dad, Jaroslav Bejlek, and her coach, Jakub Kahoun, in which the athlete’s rear seemed to be patted frequently.

One individual tweeted that there’s no need to touch a 16-year-old girl on the buttocks like that. It’s very improper. It became worse and worse as the video went.

According to another source, the males were behaving “creepy” with the adolescent athlete.

The WTA should look into this, especially because these young ladies are traveling with males at such a young age. Also, one may argue it’s the dad or wtv, but does one’s dad grab one’s bum like that? allegedly tweeted one individual.

Other commentators, though, had a different opinion.

Another person tweeted, ‘it is rather widespread in Czechia. It’s not something I’d do, but many men don’t think about it sexually. You might be surprised if you look up our Easter rituals.’

Another person stated that the hug is quite acceptable in various cultures and homes. One just sees what one wants to see.

Bejlek made her US Open main draw debut on Monday, falling in the first round to Ludmilla Samsonova, 6-1, 6-3.

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