106-yr-old man and his 105-yr-old wife become world’s oldest married couple — let’s congratulate them

John, 106, and Charlotte Henderson, 105, of Austin, Texas, has just acquired an illustrious title. According to Guinness World Records, this couple just became the oldest married couple with a combined age of 211 years.

The two was celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary on December 15. John and Charlotte Henderson’s love story started in 1934, when they met in class while studying at the University of Texas. The couple married in December 1939 and spent their honeymoon in a motel room for $7.

The couple shared the key to the pair’s record-breaking marriage and living to be over 100 years old.

In 2017, John stated that he lives in moderation. They never go overboard with anything. Eat healthily. Rest well. Don’t drink too much. Don’t eat too much. And do frequent exercise.

John is the oldest living former UT football player, as well as one half of the oldest married marriage. And for the past 84 years the pair has gone to at least one UT football game every season.

According to Charlotte, when John retired, they had such a nice time. They did a lot of travelling. They simply keep busy all the time, which surely helped.

Now the couple volunteers at Longhorn Village, a senior living home for UT employees and alumni.

Congratulations to the lovely couple, and many more wedding anniversaries to come!

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