Beautiful Victoria Ruffo has been alive for 56 years. How the well-known Mexican actress currently appears and lives.

In our country, “Just Maria” was a hit with both adults and kids. The story of a regular lady who surmounted all odds to become famous had an impact on everyone. Audiences still remember the attractive actress fondly and are interested in how her life turned out.

The gorgeous girl quickly became well-known. At the age of 18, she made her film debut. Due to her brilliance and attractiveness, she became famous far beyond the borders of her own nation. Especially as a result of the TV show “Just Maria.”

Victoria not only received widespread acclaim but also found her husband while working on the site. The man’s name was Eugenio Derbez. When they first met, they got into a disagreement and split up. There was another meeting a year later. Once Ruffo knew she was in love, she also recognized she was going to become a mother soon after. They endorsed.

When Eugenio wed the actress, he underwent a tremendous change. The husband insisted that his wife stay at home since he believed she should. Victoria’s husband would act out crazy jealous episodes if she remained on the set. The actress eventually realized that her husband was simply jealous of her success after a number of years. He wasn’t as successful as Victoria was.

Ruffo fought as hard as she could before choosing to start the divorce process. The divorce process was drawn out. Derbez refused to pay child support for his kid.

After regaining her freedom, the actress gave her work her undivided attention. Simply put, she was unable to communicate with men. Politician Omar Fayad had the ability to influence her. An intelligent guy was able to persuade Victoria of his love for her and his dedication to taking care of both her and her son.

Omar wanted them to have an extravagant wedding. Victoria wore an exquisite white gown. A large number of people attended the solemn service.

During his second marriage, Ruffo gave birth to twin children, a boy and a girl. Although Omar had nothing against his wife’s acting endeavors, she had determined that the children should come first. She thus stopped acting for a while and devoted herself entirely to her family. When the kids were older, Victoria started acting and performing again on the theater stage.

The actress is currently 56 years old, yet she appears younger. The artist claims that her beauty is natural and that she has never used plastic surgery.


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