Family of orangutans befriends otters at the Zoo forming a very special bond

It is always exciting to watch friendly relations between different types of animals.

This time around, an unusual friendship between families of orangutans and otters from a Belgian zoo caught the attention of the internet.
Employees of the zoo “Pairi Daiza” laid an artificial river for otters in the territory of orangutans.

Since then, an almost magical bond has formed between the animals.
Ujian, 24, the head of the family, has a particularly close relationship with otters.

Together with Ujian, 15-year-old Sari, his partner, and their son Berani, who recently turned 4 years old, live in the territory.
They all get along well with their new neighbors.

“Most of all, animals love to play hide and seek. Otters hide under tree trunks or wooden structures, and Berani looks for them. Sometimes they look out and
tease him on purpose. It’s just amazing,” Zoo staff said.
The zoo pays great attention to the welfare of animals and the conditions in which they are kept, so the river was placed on the territory of the zoo for a

For orangutans, whose DNA is 97% similar to humans, communication and developmental activities that load their brain are necessary. And otters benefit
from spending time on dry land.

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