When Сat Notices Something Is Wrong With Нer Вaby She Тakes Нer Тo Тhe Нospital

Merve Özcan noticed an unexpected patient enter the waiting area while she was waiting for her father at Istanbul’s Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Hospital.

A stray cat with a newborn in her jaws suddenly arrived in the hospital hallway and confidently proceeded along the corridor.

Özcan could tell that the cat knew exactly where she was going. “I was very surprised when I saw her because she seemed to know [the hospital] better than me,” Özcan told The Dodo. “It was obvious that she knew where to go.”

Özcan was worried about her father, a recovering COVID-19 patient who was in for a follow-up test. But the tense moment was immediately lightened by the little animal and her baby.

The devoted hospital staff members were thrilled to see the cat and excitedly took a short break to play with her and her young child.

The medical personnel went to the cat and kitten and showed them love and care, adding that they were also quite delighted to see them, according to Özcan. “I believe it was a cat that staff members already recognized, and there were individuals there who had seen it previously.”

Thankfully, the cat wasn’t asking for help, and the kitten seemed well. Simply knowing where to go for some milk and pets, the new mother.

“Her kitten was not sick, but she wanted to stand there,” Özcan said. “While the doctors loved on her and her baby, she stood safely next to them.”

Özcan snapped a few photos of the sweet visit and posted them to Twitter on Monday, where they have since gone viral. As a cat owner, Özcan was happy to see the little family get such attentive care. “Cats are very common creatures in my country,” Özcan said. “However, I was very surprised to see such a thing in the emergency for the first time.”

Turkey is home to many stray cats, who are frequently fed by the local populations. However, stray animals have also been struggling because eateries are closed due to the quarantine.

The Turkish government has asked local authorities to do more to feed stray cats and dogs in order to keep citizens off the streets.

The staff gave the kitten a short inspection and then, just to be cautious, took the animal to a doctor. The mother cat, though, didn’t appear eager to go from her caregivers. The two were still there when we departed, swaggeringly pacing among the police, Özcan said.

It only goes to demonstrate that, despite their current workloads, doctors are always willing to assist everyone who enters the office.

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