These 2 different animals are dealing with each other very well

These two diverse creatures get along great with one another.

As this doctor witnessed, a devastated mother horse sacrifices her newborn foal before taking in a young orphan colt. Even Dr. Pat managed to take pictures of the event, one of which became a popular video. The movie script shows us one more that the cute species we call “domesticated animals” have feelings just like people!

“A group of people assembled two days ago and began assisting the squad.” Despite saving a breeding mare, a foal was lost.

The filly, who had lost her parents today, was reintroduced by a group of individuals using the same stallion from two days prior. This image, which was taken one hour after the presentation, speaks for itself.

The pregnant mare’s labor proceeded as expected, but when she finally gave birth, Dr. Pat, who may have been watching her the entire time, felt something wasn’t right. But her child did not survive.

The animal, which was usually gentle and energetic, was unable to deal with the loss. She was angry and discouraged.

But she hadn’t found any solace yet. Dr. Pat and his employees discovered about the newborn a few days after the terrible incident, learning that the foal had tragically lost its mother soon after giving birth. The vet had never been prepared for what happened when he decided to bring them together.

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