Dogs are constantly escaping their masters and crossing over the lake to make new pals at the campsite

Dogs frequently get away from their owners and cross the lake to make new friends at the campsite.

The dog, whose name is Thunder, likes to swim across the lake and get away from his owners.

On the other hand, there is a well-liked camping area on the other side. There, the dog meets new friends and becomes familiar with everyone.

Amanda V. claimed that despite no longer working there, she still goes there to decompress. Every time a dog jumps across the water, she recognizes the dog as Thinder. The woman explains that the dog likes to go swimming and camping.

after he had the opportunity to greet guests and accept a reward. Thunder is spotted by camp staff, who call Thunder’s owner and comment, “He attempted it again.” The man is then compelled to return with his dog after going.

Thunder is having too much fun to go home alone, the owner said. “He’s usually spotted at a campground. The Thunder family has tried a number of methods to stop Thunder from swimming all over the lake. But it was useless. He complains.

He casts a wistful glance our way. However, the owner recalled the days when he brought the dog home, “Rubbing behind his ears and beneath his chin always improves his demeanor.” Thunder loves his family more than everything, as shown by the joyful tail-wagging he exhibits everytime he sees them.

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