Madonna’s entire page was filled with tорlеss photos: “I feel good in my оwn bоdу”

Madonna’s whole page was made up of topless pictures with the caption, “I feel wonderful in my own body.”

Madonna shared the images with her 18.5 million fans, showcasing her outgoing and natural personality. The artist has long been a vocal advocate for women’s sexual independence, regardless of their age or physical appearance.

The well-known singer has long worked to advance the notion that women should act and dress however they like. She has made the decision to continue supporting this cause, which she views as crucial to society, by publishing some very sexy photographs.

She uploaded two topless photographs to her Instagram stories, shocking her 18.5 million followers and expressing her happiness with her physique and sexuality. Madonna wanted to convey that she is a responsible adult who is confident in herself.

However, Instagram has a strict regulation with regards to this kind of postings. This is why the 64-year-old celebrity adhered to their regulations by applying emojis to her nipples. But in the past, Madonna supported the “Free the Nipple” movement alongside other well-known singers including Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Dua Lipa.

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