This dedicated animal keeper will do anything to make sure the four bears he cares for are happy. Even if this means you have to sleep next to them.

The man in the picture is Jim Kowalczik – co-founder of the Orphaned Wildlife Center alongside his wife Susan Kowalczik. The two were licensed wildlife rehabilitators in 1996, but it wasn’t until 2015 when they rescued an injured black bear that the center officially began its mission.

What you see above is a picture of Jim and four Syrian bears (Maddy, Judy, Jenny, and Amy) sleeping safe and sound on a pile of hay.
Days are tiring for Jim Kowalczik at the Orphaned Wildlife Center (OWC) in Otisville, New York. Between giving back rubs to Jimbo the 1,500-pound Kodiak bear and playing in the snow with Jenny and Amy, two Syrian brown bears, he could use a little nap.

Jim never had such a strong bond with no animal that lived here, as he has with his four favorite bears. His days are full and tiring, between giving back rubs to Jimbo, a 1,500-pound Kodiak bear, and playing with Jenny and Amy, two Syrian brown bears, he needs a nap every now and again.

In fact, it wasn’t the first time Jim dozed off with his giant buddies, and obviously, it wouldn’t be the last.

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